2 deer in winter

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Doing what I love

Now you know about two of my passions; programming and photography. I decided to follow my passion for web development and programming by going back to college. I attended Cambrian College for the past three years, graduating top of my class on May 24, 2013. I hold an advanced diploma as a Computer Programmer Analyst. If someone were to ask me three years ago what that means, I would be lost for words. Now that I have completed the program, I would simply say that it means I am trained to work in multiple computer disciplines.

Since this website exists only for myself to play with, I will post a PDF copy of my cover letter and resume. I plan to keep it current as I am using this website to help promote my skills to potential employers. Links are on the right.


From the day I got my first 32mm camera, I've loved taking pictures. Now that things have gone digital, it's even more fun. I plan to share some of my favourite photos on this site. This is a "work in progress", so come back and visit sometime soon and see what I come up with.

This site is always under construction